Are you completely confused about the types of videos you should be posting online? You have a great business and want to build an audience, but just have no clue where to start? I have good news for you. I have created a three step plan that will help you think of valuable content topics that you can use for an entire year!

Whether you’re live streaming on Facebook live, Instagram live (or even stories), or Periscope, creating live video content usually involves being flexible, going with the flow, and getting a main message or experience across to customers faster than recorded video. Recorded video usually involves a script, maybe another person, a high quality camera (that is steady) and maybe even microphones or lights. No matter which you choose, my three step plan will help you.

Step 1: Setup a content calendar outline, and add your company’s birthday, and official holidays that correlate with your business.

Some people add the dates to a google calendar, or just simply make a list. Whatever you need to do to have it written or typed down somewhere, having this plan will keep you on track. SO, The first thing I put on this yearly calendar is my company's birthday! When did you launch your website or receive your DBA or some other important event in your company's life? You can use any milestone, as long as you choose one, and get it on the calendar. BOOM. You have your first of 12 videos set, with a date attached. You'll need to plan at least a week out for this video, so I always go into my calendar a week earlier and add a date to prepare, film and edit this video before the publish date. I always try to cover 3 important points in my videos, so for you and this first "birthday" video you can outline it a bit like this:

  1. Thank you to my clients for being loyal for x amount of years, the company is now officially x years old today.
  2. Our company if you don't already know us <<insert elevator pitch>>
  3. You can get involved by...list ways they can call you or products/services you offer

Simple! Easy. The next step I take is to look at a significant holiday calendar. My sister has a photography website, and her focus is children and families. So, for her, a big event every year would be back to school time, as well as holiday time for family photos. My friend Heather has a cleaning business, so for her spring would be a HUGE opportunity to post a video about spring cleaning! Pick two times throughout the year that are important for you, and make sure to create videos for them! Write down the topic, date, and 3 bullet points. They can be general for now, and you can brainstorm more over time.

Example: For my video marketing business, Jan. 1 is always a great time to remind people to set up their video strategy, so I am going to focus a lot of my video content around January and talk a lot about planning. A no-brainer date that I have down from the holiday calendar is Oct. 1 (Day 1 of Q4, when everyone starts thinking about their planning, what worked and what didn't).

You, like me, may be having trouble with this calendar, because your business can be valued all year long. For me, it's hard for me to think off hand of another holiday where everyone makes videos for. My advice is, if the date doesn’t reach out to you as an important date, skip it. By this time you should have your company’s birthday, and then one or two other dates on your outline.

Step 2: Add in dates from a funny calendar that correlate with your business.

Here is a link which takes you to a fun site that I love to use. This site has a fun holiday for every single day, and the topics are quite amusing! Make sure to go there and search around for things that work well for your business, and try to fill in as many of your monthly topics with dates from this calendar. For me that includes:

March 8 - Proofreading Day (I can create a video about how to create videos for your blog so you never have to proofread again!)

April 1 - Fun at work Day (I will create a video with a client while I'm shooting for them, and talk about how fun it is, showing a behind the scenes look at my career)

June 29 - Camera Day

Sept 10 - Swap Ideas Day (I will talk about doing videos with others, and being able to allow your viewers to see ideas from many people in one video)

Oct 29 - Internet Day

Nov 4 - Zero Tasking Day (This is basically a day for rest. I love this one because of the mountain climbing ties I can mention in my video story.)

So for each of these you can see I can quickly go through and add 3 bullets for each topic to build off of. And now I have (between the company birthday, the two holidays and the silly holidays) 9 of the 12 topics ready to go. Sometimes you'll be able to fill your year calendar based on these 3 ways alone, but sometimes you'll have to think outside the box. When you can't fill your year in completely, you can think through a few things to fill it in.

Step 3: Fill in your outline with client questions and relevant topics.

What are the top questions your customers ask? What are some buzz words that are popular right now that you can use in your video? What are some topics you can bring up that will lead into your product/service?

For me, I added in "How to promote your video for free" in Feb because I think early on in the year, everyone is wondering how to do that. I added July - "How to schedule your videos out in posts automatically" because everyone gets lazy half way through the year. August I will skip because I have two for Oct. and Dec. I put "social outreach and back linking" because these are "next step" strategies that most people probably won't be able to use until the end of the year when they have some good content created.

So thats it! My yearly content calendar is planned, and now I can start to go into detail and really fill things in. I hope you found this guide helpful, and you feel empowered to create videos this year! Let's connect on social media (follow me on Twitter or Instagram), and let me know how things are moving along for you! I am SO excited to hear more about your strategy. And of course, if you need help creating videos just contact us anytime! I’d be happy to see how we can work together!