Here are our best tips for what to wear and bring when you create your high-quality video, once you've prepared your script and practiced a bit:

  1. Wear dark, solid colored clothing. Stripes, polka dots, or brand logos are distracting to viewers. Help them focus on your brand and message by wearing something other than a white or light colored top.
  2. Ladies: Keep your makeup simple. Don't over-do it, just be yourself.
  3. Stick with minimal jewelry. One accessory is best, but when you start adding more jewelry it becomes a distraction. Keep your shiniest jewelry at home.
  4. Bring a prop for your company or product. If you are an author writing a book, bring your book. If you're the CEO of a new vodka company, bring samples of your bottles for customers to see on video. Also, if you have a large poster or banner that shows your logo, bring that too and we can incorporate it into the background at our studio.

Don't worry about the lighting, we've got that covered. We have three sets of lights that we use together for the video to make sure it's nice and bright.

Don't worry about the camera angles or retakes. We have two or three cameras that will be capturing everything, so if you need to pause or start any part over, no problem! We can fix any retake with editing.

Don't worry about how you look. Over accentuate your hand and arm motions, and make sure to speak slowly and clearly throughout the video. It may seem unnatural at the time, but will look spectacular when you see it later on video!

We can give you a few more personalized ideas of what to wear in your video when we talk more about your project! Ready to Get Started? Click here!