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1-on-1 Coaching: Exciting Monthly Goals, Clear Action Steps & Straight-Forward Accountability

Join 1-on-1 Coaching! Start today for just $7!

Each month I will help you launch your business website, order business cards, setup a video marketing strategy that you can commit to, create a new strategy to bring you new clients, take steps to revolutionize your business, or whatever your next big goal is! We will work together to achiece it and I will not sleep until it is accomplished!! 
$7/7 days Intro to Coaching, then



Each month you will decide on a goal and I will give you an action step that you can complete in about 20-30 minutes each day or as needed toward that goal.


You will have access to my personal email inbox throughout this entire process anytime you are stuck!! I am here for you!


In the first 7 days of coaching (only $7) we will walk through your struggles, challenges, and goals; and discover your path to success so you know exactly which goal to choose for your first month!


From Base Camp to Everest..Starting TODAY!

Ok, maybe that description is a little intense, but, you get the idea. It doesn't matter if you've never setup a website or uploaded a video or even sent an email. Take a deep breath (I've got an oxygen tank for the climb!) and know that it will all be ok. For just $299/month (plus website setup costs, ad costs, etc. *see Q&A below), in less than one month, you will have a beautiful website to show the world, a video loaded on a social media channel, or maybe even a new customer! You choose the goal and we WILL make it happen! I won't let you down!

Just remember what happens to those who stop climbing Everest, they freeze right where they are, never to come down the mountain again! Don't let that be you! All you have to do is take a daily action step, and you'll survive the journey, I promise!


Let's setup your business and help you gain a clear path to success!!


Need help building a website, updating your blog, or driving traffic to your pages?


From setting up your profile to advanced organic following and engagement, let's hear what your social goals are!


Video marketing is the key to creating a successful strategy that you can commit to in my opinion! Are you ready to get started? I will help you create your first video!

Sample Monthly Goals From Other Coaching Clients

Use these goals as inspiration to create your own goal, which you will create in the first trial $7 week of coaching!

"I want to choose a personalized website name." (I recommend using GoDaddy)

"My biggest goal is getting my business e-mail address setup! I'm tired of not looking profesional!" (I recommend using Gmail's GSuite)

"Can we focus on my logo & brand colors this month?" (I will show you how other companies have been successful using very simple designs) 
"My biggest goal is to figure out legal matters: my business name, address, and phone number." (Let;s help you order business cards!) 

"Biggest goal? Figure out website hosting!" (I recommend using a Hosted WordPress account via GoDaddy)

"I'd like to focus on choosing my social channels." (Each platform is different for various businesses)

"Let's make a social media action plan I can stick to!! Finally!!" (What to post, when to post, and how to stay engaged)

"I want to put a SHOP page on my website!" (I recommend starting with Paypal to take payments)

"My big goal is to create a highly engaging "Contact Us" webpage!" (I recommend using TypeForm to gather more information about your future client!)

"I need help creating a content calendar for my business." (I recommend planning out an entire year in advance)

"I am so new to video, but i really want to dip my feet into the video world, help!!" (I give my top 3 recommended videos to create first)

"I need help creating a low-budget video setup. I am NOT tech savvy!"(I give recommendations on various winning combinations of lights, cameras, and backgrounds)
"My biggest goal this month is to perfect my on-camera presence!" (How to act natural, even if you're nervous)

"I want to be able to edit my own simple videos!" (I recommend either basic iPhone editing apps or Filmora Desktop Software to start, and publishing to YouTube)

"I want to learn how to repurpose my videos for other things!" (How to promote your video by sharing clips on social channels)

"I am taking too much time each day to post on social media. I need a better process!!" (I recommend creating a Hootsuite account)

"I'd like to build a community online!" (I recommend collecting emails and creating a private Facebook or Slack group)

"My goal this month is to learn how to create amazing graphics to draw attention to my content!" (I recommend creating a Canva account)

"I'm making videos, but I'm not sure if I am connecting with my audience. I need help focusing my messaging." (I recommend creating a Quora account to answer questions)

"I'd love to collaborate with other businesses in my space, but I am not sure how to go about it. Let's work on that this month!" (The key to staying relevant in the modern, social age! I will show you my process of connecting with other businesses to create amazing content!) 


How does this really work?

I have walked several clients through this monthly goal process and they have absolutely loved the results. Of course, certain business decisions take more thought, but overall, this coaching provides you with simple, easy strategies I have come across in my 8+ years marketing.

These strategies will help you market your products and services online, and in the end, attract new clients. Once you complete the introduction week, you will choose one goal to focus on over the next 30 days, with my complete support and guidance! 



Q: What does the price include?

A: The $299/month price includes daily (or as needed) emails from me that contain videos and worksheets that instruct you to take the next steps in your online marketing strategy.

Q: What else do I need to budget for?

A: The price of this coaching does not include the cost of your domain name, website hosting, business email address and other key aspects of online marketing that combined can cost you around $200 or more as time goes on.


Q: What tools/services do you recommend/use in this coaching?

A: I recommend Godaddy, WordPress, Gmail, Mailchimp, Vistaprint, Canva, YouTube, Hootsuite and WordSwag to my coaching clients..just to name a few!

Q: What if I want to use another software/service?

A: You are always welcome to swap out services for others along the way! I try to give you the most budget-friendly options in this coaching program, but I also give my recommendations if you're looking to upgrade!

Any other questions? Email me directly at for a quick response!