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How Do You Find Your Brand’s Unique Value?

How Do You Find Your Brand’s Unique Value?

La Jolla Sea Lions

This video is from a well-known podcaster John Lee Dumas, and describes how he found unique value in his Podcasting business brand. This is arguably the most important first step in the video creation process.

A third of all the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos.

1. Find out what makes your brand unique. Spend some time writing down all of the things that make your business unlike any other. Just like La Jolla Cove here in San Diego is known for its Sea Lions, your brand is (or will be) known for something. Make a list, and then highlight the 3-5 points you want to cover in your highlight video. Remember your personal brand also; who you are and what you stand for. Read this helpful article from QuestFusion.com about your personal brand and business monetization for ideas on how to create the best brand for yourself and your company.

2. Practice, but not too much. Be brave and bold. Recording a video is intimidating the first several times you do it, especially if you're working with a script, teleprompter, interview questions and a unique location. Put your game face on and remember to be brave. Your customers need this important product or service that you are so passionate about. Over-practicing can make you nervous and restless on the day of shooting, so just relax and practice once or twice. Try to remember key phrases for each of your main points. For example, if you're business is open 24/7, just remember "24/7" in your head. Practice talking about that point for 1 minute, just saying whatever comes to mind about it. Don't necessarily practice EXACTLY the same one minute script over and over trying to perfect it. Simply chat about your business being open all day and night for a minute as if you were talking to a customer, you'll be just fine on the day of the video creation! (If you ARE working with an exact script and a teleprompter, check out this really great article on how to write a video script.)

3. Know your audience, and where you will share the video afterwards. It always helps my confidence when I can remember exactly who I am creating this video for. If I am creating a high quality video on Facebook Live at a restaurant that one of my friends asked if I recommended it or not, it is a lot easier for me to think up a simple script: My friend wanted me to see if I liked this place, I am happy to tell you (ENTER FRIEND'S NAME) that Yes (or no..) I like it! (Or don't like it..) and here is why in 30 seconds. (or more if I get excited talking about a few different things!) It is easier to push record and be able to think of something to say, when I have a very specific audience. (in that case, my one friend who I was answering her question.) Know how many hundreds of people will be watching, and let them know you'll be creating a video. Maybe ask them for some feedback on your brand before the video and incorporate that into your highlight points.

4. *Bonus: After the video is out, promote it! (Use our tips here on where to share your video.) If you need additional ideas on how you can introduce your new company to the world, here are 5 great ideas from QuestFusion.com.

Overall, creating videos about your brand is easy, when you know your brand, the message you are trying to get across, and the audience you are talking to.

Do you know know what you're going to wear for your video? Check out our tips on outfit and props here.

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