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Great Examples of Corporate Video Interviews From Patrick Henry at QuestFusion.com

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No matter which type of video you choose, here are some more specifics about exactly what we can help with, all included for one low price:

-Customized Script: We will help you develop a script with an exciting story and punch line, with a clear call to action that will move viewers to take the next step. If you already have a rough outline, send it over and we can help you create more from that base.

-Local Studio: Our Solana Beach studio here in San Diego has great natural light, added studio lights, an interview style setup (can be used for only one person easily) and a comfortable setting. It is the perfect place to relax and explain how amazing your business is!

-Professional Technology: We use high quality Sony video cameras (that can even shoot 4K if you need) and we make sure they are charged and ready when you arrive for your video.

-Other Equipment: From props and lights to boom mics and mixers, we have a plethora of additional equipment that we may use for your video if needed. Don't hesitate to ask us questions about our equipment; we'd love to geek out with you!!

-B Roll Capture: If you'd like some video and photos to come into your video while you're talking, no problem at all. We are happy to shoot B-Roll for no extra charge.

-Editing: We use the Adobe Suite of products to edit your video. Premiere Pro and After Effects for video, and Photoshop for photos which we can insert as moving/zooming slides into your video.

-Interviewer: Either Patrick Henry or I (Amanda Henry) can interview you and be a part of your video. This is a huge advantage over having to think of twice the amount of things to say. It creates an easy-flowing conversation and makes for a spectacular video. Patrick has a great deal of knowledge about business, finance and technology from being CEO of three different start ups, and I love all things lifestyle, so either of us are great options for an interview and we are happy to join and assist at no extra charge.

-Teleprompter: This one piece of equipment is our most used for product or corporate videos, when you want to get the right words out and you do not want to do 100 takes trying to memorize your script. Simply send us your words, and we will add them to our teleprompter for you to read during the video! It's so much fun!

-File Transfer, Video Rendering, and Uploading/Promotion: We take caution uploading every video, photo and B-Roll clip to our editing software, and rendering it into a lovely finished video for you. When we are done editing the video, we will export it into any format you would like. If you need extra/different formats down the road, do not hesitate to ask! We will always render you new file formats NO CHARGE! We will explain the best places for you to upload your video online, and best of all... (see next..)

-San Diego Lifestyle Promotion: We will create for you a sponsored post with your video on www.thesdlifestyle.com, promoting it to over 10,000+ people locally here in San Diego. We promote each post on all of our social media channels also, which will give your video a huge jump start when it first hits the market.

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